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Legacy Scholarship

Legacy Scholarship

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Welcome to Salesian 72!

Your new 50th Reunion website is ready to help organize our 2022 Reunion as well as allowing us all to reconnect before then!

There are several new features to this website but I'll get to those later in the page. I have recreated several of the pages and sections from our first reunion website 20 years ago.

Please revisit our 30th reunion and hope to see you all at our 50th!

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Our 50th Reunion Plans

From Billy,

June 4th and I hope you all can make it! We start at graduation leading the seniors in. Then we move on to a luncheon and party 1-5pm at Juliano’s where we had the last bash. I will secure another location for after 5 pm for a pay as we go if the group wants to stay together longer. I suspect we will!

The cost is $25.00 per head for Juliano’s and we have created a legacy scholarship in honor of our deceased classmates. No gift too big or small. Completely voluntary.

If you want you can mail to me at the school. Check made out to;
Salesian High


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I've created a "Classmates Only" section in our website where only Salesian 72 Brothers and faculty may post and connect with others.

Please use the form below to create your own use name and password account. I will then approve your access. This way, we can communicate with each other in groups, or one on one.

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Billy Needs Email Addresses!

Hello Brothers,

Billy Aiello needs email addresses so we may begin to organize our 50th High School Reunion! Please reach out to Billy directly at:

Bill Aiello
Advancement Coordinator
(914) 632-0248 ext. 202 | (917) 903-7819 (M) 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Handling some FAQ's


Hail All,

Wives and significant others are absolutely invited. I failed to address that important point in my very first communication - my bad - senior moment.

Do I have to attend the graduation and the luncheon/gathering post luncheon at Juliano's? - No you do not, but I would love to see us march in force leading the seniors.

How much will the reunion cost? The school and my department will pick up the cost of 2 of the 4 hours which will mitigate some of the expense. Stay tuned for our end amount.

Are we making a donation to the


Plans for June 4th, 2022


Men of '72,

I have to give the school and Juliano's a read on minimum attendees for June 4th. Since it's a minimum it is not our final number, but I have to have a floor guarantee.

Why the school? The school orders sashes, gold diplomas, and medallions for those of us who lead the graduates into the ceremony on Saturday morning. Salesian also sets up a breakfast buffet and then kicks off our party by paying for the luncheon portion.

Juliano's? For obvious reasons they are giving up a Saturday in June which is prime time for them.

Why are


Dear Class of ’72 Mates

November 29, 2021

Dear Class of ’72 Mates,

Hard to believe that June 2022 will mark our 50th year high school graduation. It is something to celebrate. Many of you know that when I retired I returned to Salesian as a coach, sub teacher and Saturday Academy teacher.  I am now in the Development/Alumni office working full-time as a coordinator. Crazy I know – but rewarding to work at the old school and help out running events and raising money.

This brings me to a potential reunion party for us. I have full, partial, or no contact info on our group.


Classmates & Faculty

Welcome Salesian class of 1972 and our 50th Reunion website!

There is a special classmates only "Community Hub" section being created with all the features of our own "private" community. You will be able to post news, general posts, photos, videos, and more! Currently finishing the Community Hub system and it will be live around the first week of August 2020.

We will also have the ability to have virtual meetings with a new Live Streaming system I am currently building. In a few weeks after the Community Hub is launched I'll launch our own "virtual interim" reunions! You


In Memoriam

Daniel McNeil


Doug Faul

Douglas Faul

James Husted


Joseph DiToma


Joseph Granata


Lawrence Smith


Matteo Spataro

Matteo Spataro

Paul Sousa

Paul Sousa

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