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Men of '72,

I have to give the school and Juliano's a read on minimum attendees for June 4th. Since it's a minimum it is not our final number, but I have to have a floor guarantee.

Why the school? The school orders sashes, gold diplomas, and medallions for those of us who lead the graduates into the ceremony on Saturday morning. Salesian also sets up a breakfast buffet and then kicks off our party by paying for the luncheon portion.

Juliano's? For obvious reasons they are giving up a Saturday in June which is prime time for them.

Why are we doing it this way? I was thinking that a.) we are all 20 years older vs. the last party and starting earlier might help b.) Having the school provide the early portion and paying for it would help mitigate travel costs since we are spread out across the country and world in a few cases c.) Those of us who can stay awake can always move the party to another venue if we are still standing!

Things to consider. It's a long day, so no one has to go to the graduation ceremony and march. However, it might be a hoot leading the kids in. They have a mass and awards ceremony on Friday night so the graduation is not a long process. It is in the new air-conditioned gym so no one passes out from the heat. Most important -I would love to see us march those kids in. The more the merrier - a strong showing to do us proud.

Rough Schedule - Breakfast 9:30ish. Graduation 10;30 start. Luncheon at Juliano's 1:30ish. We take over around 3:30ish. For our portion we could do apps, beer, wine, soda and cash bar for booze - open to suggestions.

Teachers - Flash Flaherty on this. Mian, Macchio, Marinelli, Toolan, Walters etc. Fr. John and Fr. Frank both passed away. Some current Salesians will be at lunch.

Optional Gift to the school - It has been suggested by a few that we create a financial aid gift for an incoming student in memory of our fallen brothers Joe DiToma, Rich Miceli, Dougie Faul, Danny McNeil, Larry Smith, Bubba Sousa and Joey Granata. I have already received commitments from some of us. Optional and confidential - no gift too small and no gift too big. Only myself and the donor will know the contribution. Only the total gift will be announced. I will ensure that each donor gets a thank you/tax receipt.