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Hail All,

Wives and significant others are absolutely invited. I failed to address that important point in my very first communication - my bad - senior moment.

Do I have to attend the graduation and the luncheon/gathering post luncheon at Juliano's? - No you do not, but I would love to see us march in force leading the seniors.

How much will the reunion cost? The school and my department will pick up the cost of 2 of the 4 hours which will mitigate some of the expense. Stay tuned for our end amount.

Are we making a donation to the school? Five or six brothers have already committed to making a donation towards a legacy scholarship fund. This is 100% voluntary. My thinking was to have the funds in memory of our fallen brothers from the class of 1972. No amount too small, and certainly no amount too large! I will be the only one knowing who and what amount. I pledge confidentiality to you all. At the reunion it would be cool to announce the total.

Hotels? Tough question. I suggest using a travel site to look for deals. White Plains, Rye, New Rochelle and Greenwich/Stamford have sites within driving distance. Paul Rao says we can all stay at his place - not!

Master of Ceremonies? The one and only Carl "CB" Benevento has graciously agreed to guide us through the day. Of course, anyone is invited to come up and take the microphone to say a few words.

Teachers? John Flaherty is working on that for us. Sadly Fr. John and Fr. Frank passed away. Br. Jim and Paul Macchio have some health issues. Trying to round up Walters, Martinelli, Mian, LoCastro, Bill Ferruzzi, Toolan and others.

What's next? Head count of you and plus one. I will work on price for our half of the gig.

AND PERHAPS THE SINGLE MOST FAQ...Is Breckwoldt coming? All I can is that he had better come - or else there will be eternal pain.

Be well one and all - I cannot wait to see us all in one place again. As always, please look at the email list and keep trying to find people. If I made any glaring omissions please let me know so I can fix and forward.