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November 29, 2021

Dear Class of ’72 Mates,

Hard to believe that June 2022 will mark our 50th year high school graduation. It is something to celebrate. Many of you know that when I retired I returned to Salesian as a coach, sub teacher and Saturday Academy teacher.  I am now in the Development/Alumni office working full-time as a coordinator. Crazy I know – but rewarding to work at the old school and help out running events and raising money.

This brings me to a potential reunion party for us. I have full, partial, or no contact info on our group. In order to communicate, discuss and plan, the first step is to get our contact info in order. I am asking Pat Doyle to post this letter on our site. I will alert as many as possible via Facebook to check the site.

My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Mobile number is 917.903.7819, office is 914.632.0248 X 202.

Please send me a text or email (preferred) with your mobile # and personal email. This will help me get the ball rolling.

Some early thoughts: Graduation is June 4, 2022. The school invites the 50 year celebrants to march in with the current graduates wearing sash and medallion. I am tentatively scheduled to be the graduation speaker. This may change. After the ceremony, we are invited to a luncheon paid for by the school. We could possibly spin off from there into our own party. I have asked Sandy Juliano of Juliano’s (where our 30th was held) to pencil in June 4th for us. The idea being we do the school luncheon which would end approximately 2 or 3 PM and we launch right into our own celebration without an interruption. This gives us “old guys” an event that would not go into the wee hours. Of course, the survivors can party on until whenever.

I have spoken to some, Facebooked with others and lost contact with many. Let’s fix that as this one may (or may not) be our grand finale. I was thinking we might pass the hat and collect for a legacy class of ’72 tuition grant to honor our fallen classmates. This is the list of the deceased as I know it – please let me know if we have any more sad news: Joe DiToma, Dougie Faul, Joe Granata, Jimmy Husted, Danny McNeil, Richie Miceli, Larry Smith and Paul Sousa.

That is it for now – hope to hear from you all very soon!

Warm regards,

Billy Aiello

Welcome Salesian class of 1972 and our 50th Reunion website!

There is a special classmates only "Community Hub" section being created with all the features of our own "private" community. You will be able to post news, general posts, photos, videos, and more! Currently finishing the Community Hub system and it will be live around the first week of August 2020.

We will also have the ability to have virtual meetings with a new Live Streaming system I am currently building. In a few weeks after the Community Hub is launched I'll launch our own "virtual interim" reunions! You will be able to join these real-time group meetings even if you don't have a camera (cell phones will work as well). These will be private meetings for us to touch base with one another virtually!

Please register for your access using the "Registration Form" on the right and Patrick will enable your access if, and only if, you are either a classmate or faculty.

Please contact Patrick at (575) 758-3182 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or issues!